Posted on Oct 10, 2018

Structural audit report

Most of the Building Societies planning to undertake Civil repairs, rehabilitation and Painting work for their respective buildings have few FAQ’s like...
1. WHY DOES THE SOCIETY NEED a PMC consultant like CSR? : Every society has got their unique Civil repair problems, demanding very specific technical feasible solution. Therefore, Societies need to have technical assistance who has enormous experience in the Civil Engineering field. CSR comes in handy for drawing technical solutions.
2. WHY CANNOT THE CONTRACTORS DIRECTLY GIVE ESTIMATES & QUOTATIONS AS PER OBSERVATIONS? Grabbing estimates and quotations from various contractors would be time consuming and tedious task while comparing. To get the competition on single platform, one needs to ink out basic fundamental requirements of the society that shall comprise External and Internal health of society. It may not be feasible to ask all the contractors to visit every single owners property. CSR Engineers can professionally assist you to develop a Technical Tender document as per your specific needs, for selection of right Contractor.
3. WHY CANNOT THE SOCIETY MEMBERS CAN SUPERVISE WORK IN PROGRESS ? : Most of the members may be qualified in their respective fields. But do they have full time experience with the Civil repair industry? Are they aware of the Industry standards? Are they aware of the Civil Engineering methods? Can they devote time on daily basis? Are they equipped to face unforeseen circumstances?
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